Here is where you can purchases single strings from the Contact Core Bright Bronze family. Combine them with our Plain Steel Singles to create your own custom set.

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Contact Core FTW!

Jason Jacquemain on 18th Jan 2019

I used the set descriptions and the Acoustic Tension Guide to build a "custom" set for my new Alvarez Baritone. The strings it came with were OK, but I'm a huge fan of GHS, and had played around with the CCB on my Dreadnought with great success. I typically go for the thickest gauge possible; just to get the biggest tone. However, the Baritone exhibited some muddiness in the lower mids (5th, and 4th strings); chords were too thick, with no real definition. I was smiling half-way through re-stringing with the Contact Cores. These strings instantly improved the articulation of each note in a chord. Now, there was a little less fullness on both of my guitars. However, the lower mid mud is the hardest things to manage. You can't EQ that out, but you can EQ clean clear tones. These strings are really trying to make themselves my all time winner. But, I did get a few other sets to try; Phosphor, White, and Vintage. We'll see. Either way, it's fun to experiment, and once you find the ideal set... The Tension guide has let me goof-around with what seems to be a "secret magic formula" to most. If you have not explored, I highly recommend it. My electrics and basses are fully tweaked; and they sound and play better than ever. Thanks GHS; and thanks Mr. Moody for talking to me about all the nerdiness behind your products.