GHS Bass Boomers® Singles - Standard Long Scale

Standard Long Scale (37" Winding Length)

GHS Bass Boomers® are one of the most popular bass strings in the world. Utilizing a nickel-plated steel wrap wire (with a special combination of stainless steel and nickel-plate on the low E and B strings) over a hex core, Bass Boomers® have a distinctive low-mid punch that sits well in any musical genre. This IS your power string.

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Awesome tone

grimjim13@gmail.com on 27th Dec 2017

I am playing a 5 string tuned down to A standard (A,D,G,C,F,A). The strings that came on the bass were very floppy, especially the two lowest, and all you heard was the clank of the strings on the neck. Developed a custom set of boomers, 45,65,85,110,130. The tone is amazing, every note rings true, no “burping” on the lowest strings. So happy with these strings.

Bass singles

24th Nov 2015

I had extra sets of 5 string Boomers was great to be able to purchase the singles so I could complete the sets for my 6 string bass

Best strings available

Bryan Thunderfoot Porter on 12th Nov 2014

I purchased singles because I'm putting together a custom set for an 8-string bass and the rep said single would be cheaper than an actual custom-made set. I've played Bass Boomers since very early 80's. No other string takes the pounding & punishment that Boomers will take! ~Bryan Thunderfoot Porter