GHS Bass Contact Core™ Super Steels™

Standard Long Scale (Fits 34" Scale Basses)

GHS Contact Core are designed with an extra-thin segment near the ball end. This thin segment rests on the bass saddle and brings the central core of the string into very close contact with the saddle, providing a brighter tone than a conventional string of the same gauge. 

When tuned to pitch these strings have slightly more tension than conventional strings, a crucial feature for the low B string in a 5 or 6 string set.

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The best round wound B string on the market

David Arms on 11th Oct 2017

I have been using the CC125 Super Steel as the Low B string to accompany GHS light Bass Boomers for the standard 4-string set up. There are two primary reasons that I use this string. The first is that the tension is nice and firm when tuned to key, but even more important it is the only "tapered" B string with just the core exposed (extra-thin segment near the ball end) where it crosses the bridge. This allows my bass to be set-up with uniformly low action over each string.