GHS FAST FRET - String and Neck Lubricant and String Cleaner. Not a spray! Contains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, back of the neck and te fretboard. Let's your fingers slide freely, keeps your strings clean and is good for the fretboard.

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I never leave home without it!

ditchgator on 6th Dec 2015

Been using Fast Fret ever since I found out about it, and that was many years ago. The new (to me anyway) has a better applicator and a better pleasing scent. Fingers glide over the fretboard like there is no resistance at all. Chord shapes transpose easily without noise.

Can't touch a fretboard without it

M.Aly on 21st Apr 2014

I have been using this product as long as I have played guitar 20 years, it's the best for keeping my guitars fretboard clean,smooth, healthy specially dark woods (rosewood, ebony..)even after years of playing. and keeps the strings sound bright as new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings and fretboard. it's totally safe for health, no harsh chemicals, I love the new packing keeps the oil from evaporating, which was a problem before if you do bulk orders and store for long periods. Simply i can't play without it. i'm really grateful for GHS providing us with this product.