GHS Electric Big Core Nickel Rockers™

Thanks to Rene Martinez, GHS is proud to bring you the guitar tones that have defined music for the last 20 years. René worked as a guitar technician for some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Brickwell, Clint Black, The Moody Blues, and Prince. As a musician he understood what the players wanted and in turn developed his own new products and techniques for them to use.

Designed for maximum feel, balance and endurance, the wound strings are structured with a bigger core and nickel wrap of the highest quality - the plain strings are slightly bigger also, to best retain size and durability. Ideal for playing in your living room or on the world's biggest stages!







































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Clean Tone

20th May 2018

For the past two years, I have played various sets of GHS strings. I generally play a heavy gauge, for example, the Thick Core 11-56 on my Fender Strat. I wanted to see the difference between those and my most recent purchase, the Nickel Rockers 10 1/2-48. For the last two strings, I added two singles, a 54 and 36. I love the sound. These Nickel Rockers Big Core are awesome.

End of my string search!!!

21st Dec 2014

Great strings!! Really unique and makes my guitar feel as it should without getting to heavy of strings on my strat. The low E is just amazing, the high E is perfect and everything in between fits just right as well. You owe it to yourself to try these if you play blues or jazz!!!

GHS Nickel Rockers BigCore 011-056 set

3rd Oct 2014

These roller-wound sets are the closest thing to flat-wounds, but play and sound like electric blues strings. Warm sound, long life, smooth touch, and nice tension. That 11.5 makes a really big difference on the high E, which tend to sound somewhat thin and out of balance. Taste is a personal preference, you will admit that GHS makes high quality strings.

Big Tone, maked your guttar ding LOUDER.

Lightnin' Willie on 3rd Jul 2014

Good string, last and lasts, the 11.5 E string gives you a little more bite when you solo. Give them a try...not intended for..." oh they hurt my finger." Get over it and listen to how well your Guitar sounds!