GHS Electric Thick Core Boomers™

The latest innovation from GHS Strings is here; Thick Core Boomers! These Boomers are for the players that want MORE from their strings. A beefier core boosts your playing inspiration by allowing greater sustain, a more focused low end and thicker tone. These strings are ideal for players in standard and drop tuning. Sealed in our NEW Nitro-Packs, these strings stay fresh and without corrosion, ready for whenever you need more inspiration. 











HC-GBXL 009 011 016 HC25 HC33 HC43
HC-GBCL 009 011 016 HC28 HC38 HC48
HC-GBL 010 013 018 HC28 HC38 HC48
HC-GBM 011 015 019 HC28 HC38 HC56
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THIS is what I've been missing

Carlos Alvarez on 21st Nov 2017

Been using strings from a certain other brand for years and despite high end gear always struggled with a slight grainy quality to my sound. No more. Tried my 1st set of thick core boomers and instantly noticed a more open, 3D sound with great clarity and note articulation even with high gain settings. I'm sold

Best Metal Strings I Ever Used

Mark on 11th Oct 2017

Low tuning? These are a must, the blow away other strings man, it's that simple.

Rely On Thick Core Boomers

Mark on 31st May 2017

Been a GHS guy for 20 years now but the Best strings Ever for heavy drop tunings-are hands down THICK CORE BOOMERS. You cant touch my signal unless you have the same 11/56 thick core Boomers I'm playing. My signal cuts right through any an all frequency.