The Rocktron PowerTap 9 Volt Adjustable Pedal Power provides a variety of power options. The PowerTap design allows for consistant flow of power by jacks that are "isolated" and "noiseless". The small chassis fits neatly on your pedalboard, conserving room.

Three AC Output plugs are included, two on the sides and one on the back. The side plugs allow for better placement on your pedalboard.

To accommodate the many variations in power requirements for different pedals, Rocktron has included 5 jacks on the front that are switchable between DC9V and DC12V.

Two additional jacks on the front provide variable power from DC4V to DC9V allowing you to achieve the "dying" battery effect desired by many guitar players. We've also included one AC jack to power pedals requiring AC power.

Traveling to another country? The Rocktron PowerTap is switchable from 115V to 230V.

These 5 outputs provide 9V DC power, or 12V DC power. Before plugging any pedals into these jacks, be sure to determine what power is required by your pedal. Then use the DIP switches located on the back of the PowerTap to select DC9V or DC12V. Use the included cables to plug in your pedals.

DC SAG 4V - 9V
These 2 outputs provide either 9V power or variable 4V-9V power. The DIP switches on the back panel of the PowerTap determine if these jacks supply 9V power or a variable power from 4V-9V. When selected, the 4V-9V power can be adjusted, allowing you to emulate the "dying battery" effect.

This output provides AC 9V power and requires CAUTION when plugging into this jack. First determine if your pedal needs DC or AC power before using this jack.

There are 3 AC Output jacks provided on the PowerTap which provide AC power.

This switch determines the voltage coming into the PowerTap. When in the USA, use 115V. 230V is used for Europe and many other places around the world. First determine the voltage in the country where you are using the PowerTap before selecting a voltage.

These switches determine the voltage output of the jacks on the front of the PowerTap unit. Switches 1-5, when in the UP position provide DC12V power on outputs 1-5 and when in the DOWN position provide DC9V power on outputs 1-5. Switches 6-7, when in the UP position provide DC4V-9V power on outputs 6-7, and when in the DOWN position provide DC9V power on outputs 6-7 on the front panel. Switch 8, when in the UP position provides AC9V power on output 8, and when in the DOWN position provides AC9V power on output 8 on the front panel.

This is the AC power input connection. Use the included cable to plug the PowerTap into a wall power source.

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